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Yoga & its types that all of you must know!

Yoga & its types that all of you must know – Yoga is one of the famous practices that were founded and introduced by India. It is not that everyone knows that there are actually different types of yogas. Before you jump onto doing Yogas without any thought, go through these types of yogas that are classified on the basis of the purpose it is performed for.

Major Types of Yoga that one could practice

There are multiple types of Yogas that one could practice on the basis of their motives.

# Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular types of Yogas practiced around the world. This is the type of Yogas that is taught at studios as well as gyms these days. Vinyasa means the linking of breath and the movement of the body. There is a specific sequence in which this form of yogas is performed that is called “Vinyasa flow”. This type of yogas contains smooth sensual asanas.

# Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yogas is one other form of Yogas that is being practiced these days. Ashtanga means eight limbs. This is the traditional form of Indian Yoga. In this form of yogas as Vinyasa, the movement and the breathing is synced together. The difference, however, lies in types of asanas performed. In this type of Yogas, the set of asanas performed are rough.

# Iyengar Yoga

This is the third kind of yogas that is also based on the eight limbs of Yoga. This is named after B.K.S, the famous Yogi/ This is the type of Yogas that emphasizes the alignment in the asanas using breath control through pranayama as well as the use of props. Some of these props include bolsters, blankets. Straps as well as blocks. This practice is slow and more focused on postures.

# Bikram Yoga

It was designed by Bikram Chaudhury back in the 1970s and consists of the same 26 yogas postures with two breathing exercises. This is 90 minutes long practice that is performed in a room in 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

# Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti is one of the types of Yogas that was created back in 1984 by David and Sharon Gannon in New York. Ivamulti refers to Liberated being and includes chanting practice along with the movements. This is actually a good blend of spiritual as well as physical exercise.

# Yin Yoga

This is a meditative kind of Yogas practice that is practiced to allow your body to become comfortable in a pose without exhausting much of the strength. This type of Yogas is also renowned by the name Taoist Yogas. This type of Yogas help focuses on the lengthening the connective tissues in the body. This kind of yogas is a muscle forming yoga practices.

Mentioned above are the yoga & its types that all of you must know that are being practiced in today’s world. Not many of us are familiar with the concept of the types of yogas that are being practiced. By now you might have gotten the idea of Yogas and its types.

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