a-few-reasons-to-see-your-dermatologist Lifestyle

A Few Reasons To See Your Dermatologist!

A few reasons to see your dermatologist – Indian weather is such that we end up developing a skin condition every other day. At times, certain conditions can be treated easily at home, but for some, you need to visit a dermatologist. You can effectively manage skin conditions such as pimples, suntan, etc. at home. […]

10-amazing-benefits-of-neem Ayurveda & Home Remedies

10 Amazing Benefits of Neem!

Neem is one of those few miraculous herbs that has many health as well as skin benefits. Whether it’s neem water, neem ointment, or the fruit of the small neem that you call “Nibauri” in Hindi – this Mahogany family tree has uncountable benefits. Here are 10 amazing benefits of neem are there below. 1) […]