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10 Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has been part of the kitchens for hundreds of years. This remedy has medicinal and therapeutic properties due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The beneficial properties of garlic are due to the compound, Allicin. Vitamins C, K, Folate, niacin, and thiamine are also found mainly in garlics. Health Benefits of Garlic are as […]

Health & Fitness

5 Best Yoga to get rid of Back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, You should try these Yoga to get rid of back pain, yoga is the thing that most doctors recommend for back pain. Yoga is a form of psychotherapy that is often recommended to treat not only back pain but also the associated stress. Proper conditions can relax and strengthen […]

Diet & Weight Loss

Fasting as an effective way for Weight loss

Fasting is an old tradition, often performed for religious reasons, but fasting to lose weight still holds public attention. You can get a lot of bean-making programs with unlimited fastings benefits, from spreading “toxins” in the body to cleansing 30 pounds of fat in 30 days. It is true that fasting – that is, eating […]