Health and Wellness

Group Fitness Classes

EnvivaCor was built on the longing need of community fitness. The need of not having to leave your complex to reach your health and wellness goals. EnvivaCor fills the gap that many people fall into when they face the challenge of not wanting to workout at a gym or spend absurd amounts of money on a personal trainer. Our residential fitness programs provide facilities to community people to maintain their fitness at their residents.

Residential Fitness Programs

Convenience, Culture, Quality of Life. EnvivaCor is here to watch its clients flourish. It offers personalized residential fitness programs to community people to maintain their fitness. It’s EnvivaCor’s goal to make its client’s residents happier, healthier, and friendlier. In turn, that allows EnvivaCor’s amazing complexes to reduce costs on resident turnover, loud or noisy neighbourhood, and having no synergy between the residents. EnvivaCor is building a healthy culture throughout each of the complexes it has the chance of working with.


Token from Happily/Doily

The mood benefits of just 20 minutes of exercise can last 12 hours, According to researchers at the University of Vermont. Physically active people are happier and more Satisfied with their lives. But there’s more to It than that:
Exercise increases endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals.
It reduces levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in the body.
Its a proven remedy for both depression and anxiety.
Being physically active improves physical and Overall self-esteem. To get the benefits. set Exercise goals that have the potential to give you a sense of accomplishment. Don’t aim too high or too low.
Were more likely to enjoy  Exercising – and stick with it – if: We think it offers opportunities for  Meaningful relationships with others  people.

Bringing people together.

EnvivaCor builds tight-knit communities within apartment complexes. By giving residents the ability to live an active lifestyle in the company of their next-door neighbours, we create the foundation for building long-lasting relationships. Residential fitness programs facilitate meaningful change in apartment residents that would have never been possible in a traditional fitness complex where people simply put in their headphones, complete their workout alone, then head back to their apartment.