Health & Fitness

Does Whey Protein Help Children Grow Longer?

Protein is just as important for children as it is for adults. It plays an important role in growth and development, keeps their bones strong and supports physical activity. According to a recent study, this ingredient may also help children to grow taller. However, not all proteins sources are created equal. Whey proteins, for example, […]

Training & Yoga

What are the Benefits of bedtime yoga?

Nothing is more important or restorative to your body than a decent night’s sleep. But sometimes, the day’s physical and mental stresses prevent your body from relaxing enough to go to sleep. a fast bedtime yoga routine can help your body unwind naturally and prepared your body for a peaceful night’s sleep. How it Works […]

Training & Yoga

Yoga Therapy for Depression

It is common that sometimes we are under the weather feeling low and either unwilling or feeling demoralized due to depression, and not able to try to do anything. Some experience in this sense intensely over a comparatively long period week, months, or maybe years, and with no apparent reasons either. Yoga Therapy Stress are […]