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Envivacor isn’t a brand. It is a rallying call. We believe all people have not only the right to pursue health, but should also have a whole tribe behind them supporting them in their endeavor. 

Envivacor fulfills the essential needs of all people. First and foremost we create a community where there is none. We do so through a common identity and focus. Whether you attend a small independent yoga studio in Kansas or join with friends in Central Park, Manhattan – when you wear Envivacor you become instantly recognizable as somebody who believes in the Envivacor Creed. You become part of the tribe. 

Fitness is art. What you wear and how it looks and makes you feel helps paint a picture for yourself and who you really are. Our designs infuse the past and present into something remarkably new. We view the body as our canvas. It, like any great piece of art, is never completed and is constantly being sculpted and reshaped into something more extraordinary.

Our designers, primarily women of color, have sought to go beyond the conventional to reimagine tribal designs as something both modern and emboldening. We look not to just flatter the physique, but uplift the individual wearing it. When you don the uniform, it becomes your supersuit! 

Our core focus is to help the small and independently-owned yoga and fitness studios become part of something much larger. We uplift them and grow the tribe even further while giving a sense of unity and purpose to the hometown fitness studios across America and soon the world. 

While many fitness classes are being done remotely. Repping the same outfit, reciting the same creed, and positioning yourself as part of something greater achieves something no other brand can. 

Are you willing to take the pursuit? Are you ready to join the tribe? 

Our Mission.

We want you to embrace your individualism and uniqueness. Our accessories were made with comfort, performance, and style in mind.

Let’s be honest, when you look good – you feel great!

Our Vision

With a strong commitment to community, we foster the ideals of unity.  Envivacor will make it possible for millions of people worldwide to live a healthy life with confidence and vigor.

Together we will accomplish our mission through love and a commitment to helping one another succeed.  

Our Beliefs

•   We believe that our customers come first.

. • We believe that building relationships and working together are critical to our success as a tribe.

. • We believe we must foster honesty and integrity at all times. We believe in providing community service where we live and work.Thank you for visiting our blog

We invite you to visit our EnvivaCor store, so we can tell you about our unique brand and we’d love to get to know you too! and suggest about how and why our products will suit you.

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