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6 Yoga to Lose Face Fat or Double Chin

Here are 6 yoga to lose face fat or double chin, It’s time to say goodbye to your double chin and greet those beautiful cheekbones with that line of the stellar jaw. Do you know what is the saddest part about gaining weight? Yes, in addition to making it easier for you to fit in with those beautiful outfits, weight gain can make its presence more noticeable on your flawless double chin, cheekbones, and disappearing jaw.

While weight gain itself should be kept at the same time for the rest of your life, some yoga asanas can help direct the facial oils and get you the hot jawline you always wanted. So here are seven simple exercises recommended by Shakti, an exercise specialist at Goodways Fitness Center, Delhi, to reduce fat on your face and soften your face:

These are the 6 yoga to lose face fat or Double Chin

1. Bhujangasana

Lie on your stomach, place your hands on the side, and make sure your toes touch. Now, pull up and raise your head and your trunk. Take your neck as far back as possible, feel the upper extremity below the chin. Hold this position for at least 30 to 60 seconds if you want to work on that double chin, return to the rest area, and repeat. .

2. Conflict

Kneel on the mat and put your hands on your hips. Breathe, pull your tail towards the canteen as if you are being pulled in the middle. Tighten your back and slide your palms over your feet until your arms are straight. Hold the position.

Fact: Not only is this a great way to get rid of your double chin, this baby can also lift your stomach.

3. Chakrasana

Lie on your back on the floor, with your knees bent, so that your foot is in the middle of the hip width. Put your hands behind your shoulders and lift your whole body on the frame. Let your head hang gently to feel a slight stretch in your neck. Hold for seconds and repeat.

Fact: This baby can reduce fat from your jaw, and lift your chin twice as well as your entire body. What else do you want in life?

4. Simha asana

Sit on your knees and place your palms firmly on it, now, by pressing the palms of your hands on your knees, lean forward slightly. Hold this position, inhale, and open your chest by pressing the palms of your hands on your knees. Stretch your fingers and straighten your arms as you continue to breathe. Breathe through your nose, hold, and breathe slowly by opening your mouth as much as possible while sticking your tongue out with the intention of touching your chin. Also, as you exhale, you extend your fingers wide and the palms of your hands are pressed against the knees. Finally, when you return to normal facial expressions, drag again.

Fact: Practicing this posture for four to seven minutes a day can increase blood flow to your face and affect your cheeks. Also, it can keep those wrinkles and crack lines as well.

5. Chin top-down

Lift your head up, look up at the ceiling. Keep your eyes glued to the ceiling and press your lips together. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax. Do this at least 10 times to remove your double chin and get a visible jaw.

6. Neck wrapping

Bend your head down, so that your chin almost touches the chest. Now, turn your head in a circular motion and try to touch your ears to your shoulders. While you are in it, keep your spine straight, and your shoulders down Repeat this exercise, clockwise and counterclockwise,

10 -20 times to get a firm, engraved face.

7. Fish face

Press your face to form a curve by pulling your cheeks, and your lips. To maintain this position, try to smile to feel the heaviness on your cheeks and jaw. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat this five to ten times a day by softening your facial muscles.

Conclusion: Here you have seen 6 Yoga to Lose Face Fat or Double Chin. Try these on regular basis to get appropriate result in few weeks.

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