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How Are Realtors Taking Care Of Fitness Of Their Residents?

How Are Realtors Taking Care Of Fitness Of Their Residents – Fitness is important for everyone, be it of whatever age you are. Whether you are old or young, it is essential to lead a healthy life and stay happy. 

There’s no doubt that real estate sales can be bad for your well-being, but they don’t need to be. Yeah, as real estate agents, we spend hours on the road, in and out of homes at a time, and never encounter twice the same day. It’s easy to pull for a fast bite into the nearest drive-thru with such an erratic schedule and get back home too tired to hit the gym. Your waistline and mental health need not suffer from proper planning, though.

The following are tried and tested strategies. That can not only enhance your physical health. But also help you alleviate stress and anxiety, avoid cognitive loss, increase your brain capacity, and make you feel better. These tips, in turn, will improve your morale, making you a happier person to be around. A better agent, and inspiration to your customers and colleagues.


If you know you have a showing day planned for this weekend for your buyer customers, plan your meals in advance.

I will prepare my meals for at least one to two days in advance while planning for competitions. It consisted of more of a measured-out section of weighed protein on a food scale and a veggie. If I had decided to have carbs with my meal, it would either be brown rice or sweet potato, since they are complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs take longer to break down, while avoiding dramatic spikes of insulin associated with simple carbs that cause you to crash, leaving you exhausted and needing a nap.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can disguise itself as starvation. If you don’t drink about eight glasses of water a day (eight ounces each), you might get dehydrated. If you feel hungry, first go for water. I’d bring a gallon jug in my car while competing to make sure I was getting enough in. I know you’re probably thinking about having to go to the bathroom a lot, but if you have to go to the office or the nearest gas station, there’s still a chance between shows.

Loads of physical activity

The difficulty of working out is that most people consider it facultative. I had to get my exercises done while I was playing if I wanted to be ready. Eor the competition and I wanted to be ready! Working out as well as eating and respiring was important. I was committed to my fitness goals, NOT AN OPTION. Be engaged to you!

I would get up at 5 a.m. if I couldn’t go to the gym before the kids went to school (they were too young to be left alone) Until they got up for breakfast, to bring my workout done. No homegrown gym equipment? No excuses here! Although my husband finally got me adjustable dumbbells and a fitness bench. I used my staircase to cardio for up to 30 minutes (up and down, up and down).

Go to bed on time

Yeah, we super-agents have a hard time shutting down because when you don’t shut down and have a good night’s sleep (about eight hours), your body doesn’t have an opportunity to recover properly. The strongest cure to get your creative juices going is recharging. It helps boost your memory as well and just makes you feel good. 

Not having enough sleep decreases the inhibitions, which is one of the major causes of snacking in the late night. Snacking late at night means more calories/energy. Which is processed and not consumed. Stored energy converts to (you guessed) fat! Get a good night’s sleep, and for that 5 a.m., you’ll have the courage to get up Working out, and smashing it!


This is a quick guide to how are realtors taking care of fitness of their residents and how you need to maintain your fitness routine and taking care of the same.

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