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Best Youtube Fitness Channels one should Follow

Earlier people wished to remain fit used to toil the pages of fitness. But now they either browse fitness websites or YouTube channels regarding the same. These days a lot of fitness experts have launched their own YouTube channels, and few are popular among the masses too. They are widely followed due to their fit lifestyle, and few have also started YouTube courses to guide others about how to remain fit.

1)    Tarun Gill Fitness

Tarun Gill is an internationally certified nutritionist and fitness expert who runs his own YouTube channel with 350k+ subscribers and millions of views. He has inspired his audience in some ways and has designed many fitness courses to push the exercises more than their limits. Through his videos, he guides youth on how to exercise regularly and also reviews fitness related protein drinks.

2)    Fitness Rockers India

With 175k+ subscribers, this channel offers numerous videos on bodybuilding, exercises, nutrition, workouts, home remedies, etc. All have inspired thousands of youth to take up exercising. They have planned numerous diet charts for the Indian youth keeping the Indian health environment in mind. They introduce many new exercise forms in their videos and caters to an audience of all age groups.

3)    Guru Mann Fitness

With 17+ years experience in the Fitness industry, Guru Mann runs India’s most successful channel with 600k+ subscribers. As a grown-up person, he struggled with fitness issues and came out strong. He designs every video and guides the Indian youth with passion on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. He also conducts live video sessions where fitness enthusiasts can directly interact with him and clear their health and lifestyle-related queries.

4)    Beer Biceps

Another famous Indian fitness expert RanvirAlahbadia runs this channel with around 350k+ subscribers. He has his impressive style of creating fitness session and also holds query session regarding fitness and lifestyle. He has designed his videos keeping the personal health struggles of Indian youth in mind. His explores the fitness issues that a regular Indian youth faces and tries to come up with a practical solution through his videos.

5)    Fit Muscle TV

Fitness expert Gaurav Taneja runs this YouTube channel and has almost 162k+ subscribers. His videos consist of advice about how to do the exercise correctly, different techniques, ways to stretch out, healthy eating tips, etc. People from all age groups can easily follow his suggestions. He also lectures his viewers about how to avoid injuries while exercising and explores various healthy diet regimes by reviewing them.

6)    Abhinav Mahajan

Apart from being an Internationally certified gym trainer and having fitness. Abhinav Mahajan runs this successful YouTube channel with over one lakh subscribers. He conducts a session on Personality development and different fitness tactics. He emphasizes having a healthy mind while developing a healthy body. His addresses a large number of fitness issues faced by today’s youth and tries to come up with a reasonable solution.

With a considerable number of YouTube fitness channels running ad many coming up, you don’t need to go for an expert’s advice to know about do’s and don’ts of exercise regime. You can subscribe to any fitness YouTube channel and start following it to get healthier.

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