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Everything you need to know about Joint Pain and its treatment

Joint Pain is mostly associated with discomfort and soreness in any part of the body. The major factors causing joint pain include age, previous or existing medical complications, and weight. 

Joint pain treatment is essential to avoid severe consequences in the long term. Ayurvedic and certain types of cannabis medicines such as cannabis oil work immensely well in alleviating several types of joint pain. A number of health experts recommend using Guggul or Shallaki for fast recovery from joint pain and fever.

What exactly is joint pain?

Joint pain or joint ache is the most common discomfort felt in knees, hands, spine, and hips. Knee joint pain is the most common type of joint pain affecting older age people. This pain is either sometimes constant or temporary. The joints at various parts of the body can feel sore and stiff with this type of pain. Some people may also experience grating and burning sensations in joint pain.

Those suffering from joint pain may feel their joints being stiff in the morning and a bit loosened up gradually with physical activities and movements. But most of the time, strenuous activities could worsen the pain.

Joint pain often reduces the person’s efficiency to perform basic tasks with ease. It may also affect the quality of your life if its severity worsens. Joint pain treatment is mostly concerned with overall treatment (i.e. healing the affected parts and activities along with the treatment of pain)

Who is more susceptible to be suffering from joint pain?

The people most susceptible to be affected from joint pain are those who:

  • Are obese or overweight
  • Have chronic health issues or arthritis
  • Have had pre-existing injuries in their joints
  • Suffer from anxiety, depression, and/or stress
  • Overuse their muscles quite often

Apart from the above factors, age also plays a determining role as to whether you would suffer from stiff joint pain or not. With years of use, damage, and abrasion on joints, the ones most likely to suffer from this fall under the category of middle-aged or elderly people.

What are the causes of joint pain?

Some of the most frequently seen causes of joint pain are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis comes under the category of chronic diseases in which a person feels pain and swelling in the joints. It generally happens in the wrists and fingers and causes disfiguring of the joints.
  • Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage weakens and erodes with time. Cartilage works as a protective shield in between the gap of bones. With its deficiency, the joints become stiff and sore. This condition develops at a very slow pace and is seen mostly in middle-aged people.
  • Bursitis is the result of repetitive overuse and wear and tear of bones and muscles. Knees, shoulders, hips, or elbows are most likely to fall prey to this medical condition.
  • Gout is a chronic condition in which several crystals formed in the body get accumulated in the joints. A person feels swelling and acute pain in this terrible condition. It’s usually seen to happen in big toes.
  • Tendinitis is an infection of the flexible bands, also termed as tendons that securely join muscles and bones. It usually happens in the shoulder, heel, or elbow and is typically a result of overuse.
  • Viral infectionsand injuries make the movement of joints very painful.

What are the ways to treat joint pain?

Joint pain cannot be cured permanently, yet there are some ways to manage the pain and pacify that terrible state. Taking off-the-shelf medications or exercising some simple moves on a regular basis can also help to relieve the pain. If the pain doesn’t reduce, it may be a sign of some severe problem that needs adequate medical prescription or surgery.

  • Simple treatments at home such as the application of ice or a heating pad on the area of pain can provide great relief. This can be performed for short intervals many times a day. Warm water soaking may also be beneficial to pacify the pain and suffering.
  • Exercise can provide the desired strength and functioning power to your body. Aerobic exercises of lower intensity such as swimming and walking are some of the best physical activities for the patients of joint pain disease. Strenuous exercises should be avoided and brought down to low-impact exercise. Stretching exercises done gently can also help. Take the proper advice from your doctor before starting or continuing any exercise regime.
  • Weight Loss is recommended as an aid in the treatment of various health problems. It lessens the joint strains and brings lively transformation to your body.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce pain. However, these over-the-counter medicines should be taken in mild doses. For stronger doses, you must seek advice from your doctor. If you have or had any critical health condition such as kidney disease, stomach ulcers, or liver disease, it’s highly prescribed to reach out to a physician as a secure option.
  • Topical applications such as gels or ointments can be rubbed over the affected area for easing out the pain. The doctor may prescribe these topical treatments or you can also use them as over-the-counter alternatives.
  • Nutritive supplements such as glucosamine can be helpful in relieving the pain. We suggest asking your doctor before taking any supplements as per your own will.

However, if those treatments do not show the expected results, your doctor might prescribe:

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) or Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Supportive help, such as orthotic device or brace
  •  Joint pain oil such as cannabis oil
  • Antidepressants
  • Painkilling drugs
  • Steroids

Those looking for the best tablet for joint pain in India must pay attention to the composition and efficacy of that respective medicine. These types of choices must be made very carefully by considering your medical situation.

One must take note that every type of joint pain medicine, whether prescribed by the doctor or chosen as an over-the-counter option, works differently on different people. What proves to be effective for one more might not provide the same results to another. Make sure to carefully follow your doctor’s directions while taking any medicine and inform them in advance if you have any medical issues or side effects.

Taking good sleep is also important to relax your muscles and provide sufficient time to your body for self-healing or recovery. If you are suffering from any type of sleep disorder, seek medical help for avoiding the occurrence of any serious complications. Good sleep also helps you recover from anxiety, depression, stress, and other types of psychological problems.

What are the most troubling symptoms of joint pain?

With joint pain, one might feel mild to severe symptoms. Joint pain causes several concerning symptoms including:

  • Numbness
  • Loss of motion
  • Sense of pain while doing any movement
  • Swelling
  • Achy, rigid or broadened joint
  • Grinding or clicking joint (joint making noise while moving it)
  • A swollen joint that is hot and red in appearance (in this case, immediately reach out to the doctor for a thorough evaluation)
  • Difficulty in bending or erecting the joint

Consult a doctor at right time!

When the pain is not diminishing and ruining your normal life activities on regular basis, it’s time to seek medical help from a doctor. To recover from your pain in a short span of time, it’s highly crucial to diagnose the root cause and thereon proceed to the most suitable treatment. 

One must talk to a doctor if: 

  • Joint pain and fever are affecting you simultaneously
  • Unexplained and irregular weight loss happens 
  • Pain is interfering with normal walking activities 

The takeaway

Vedi Herbals offers a plethora of effective medicines for joint pain treatment. From our store, you can opt for the treatment that best suits your medical conditions. As we explained every important dimension related to joint pain in this article, you must have accumulated some key insights on the right approach for joint pain treatment. Now, what you just need is to visit our website or contact our support team that is available 24/7 to assist you with the best advice on proper treatment. We assure you that Ayurvedic and cannabis medicines provided by Vedi Herbals will prove to be highly beneficial in easing out every type of health issue that is troubling you.

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