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Every concerning detail about – Anxiety, depression, stress


In today’s world where everyone seems to be in a hurry to get things done in a fraction of seconds, psychological conditions are bound to enter your life. Anxiety, depression, and stress are all the consequences of the inability of the mind to deal with situations in a tactful manner. These days, many people encounter some or the other types of stressful phases and sometimes get demotivated and take harsh steps. However, one needs to understand that there’s a solution to every problem in this world. So is the case with your psychological state as well, you need to keep patience and seek the right medical and consultation help. 

Vedi Herbals provides some useful insights on Anxiety, Depression, and Stress 

In this article, we have provided some useful information regarding anxiety, stress, and depression to help you understand your situation well and thereafter proceed towards the right step. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or stress, they all are similar-natured aspects of some kind of pressure and dissatisfaction in your life. Certain cannabis medicines such as cannabis oil and cannabis tablets provide relief from various psychological disorders due to effective regulation of the endocannabinoid system by CBD. 

Several studies and practical usage experiences have shown that Ashwagandha Churna and Ashwagandha tablets possess highly beneficial stress buster properties. These medicines are not only effective in reducing stress, but also quite helpful in easing out various types of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders

What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is a state of nervousness accompanied by several other types of discontent such as worry, uneasiness, etc. It is felt usually during the instances of threatening or troubling events. Anxiety is not the same feeling as that of fear, which is a natural response of the body to avert an immediate danger.

Anxiety cannot always be indicated as a sign of concern because sometimes it’s quite helpful in dealing with stress and delivering your best shot. It makes you responsive and alert to handle situations skillfully. 

However, anxiety becomes a concerning issue when the anxious activities and other sets of anxious behaviour start hindering your normal efficiency and performance resulting in haphazard in your life. Continuous fear and skepticism make you suffer from various types of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are the state of mind in which a person feels persistent anxiety that gets worsen with time. It deteriorates the life quality and affects various activities such as relationships, office work, schoolwork, and many more aspects of life. 

What is depression? 

Depression is the state of mind in which a person experiences several mood disorders and their subsequent outcomes such as anger, sadness, frustration, and a sense of loss. These feelings interfere with a person’s regular life activities and reduce working efficiency over time. 

Depression and grief might appear the same up to some extent, but they both are different from each other on the basis of their root cause of emergence. Grief is concerned with the feeling of sadness after losing a loved one from your life. However, depression has more to do with crumbling your self-esteem and making you sink into self-loathing emotions. 

Depression is encountered in varying ways and works differently for different people. What remains the same is its causes such as spoiling-up of relationships, loss of time and productivity, and some severe medical problems. Some worrying conditions that may happen due to depression are diabetes, asthma, cancer, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc. 

What’s important here is that we need to understand the difference between the feeling of low and depression. When you feel down, that can’t always be linked to depression, but when such feelings are accompanied by hopelessness and pessimism, there might be the chance that depression is hitting you. 

Depression is regarded as a critical health condition and if not treated at right time, the situation may get worse. Therefore, those suffering from it should immediately seek medical help. Some health-conscious people also get trapped into the cycle of depression because of their dying desire for weight loss

What is stress? 

Stress refers to the response of your brain and body towards any challenge or demanding situation faced by them. Various kinds of hormones are released by your body while it’s stressed out. These hormones enable you to have a sense of alertness and act accordingly. In this situation, your heart rate, blood pressure may rise rapidly and blood sugar levels may also fluctuate rapidly. Such response by your body is termed is a “fight or flight” actionable behavior. 

Everyone gets tensed at various points of their life. The stress caused by such happenings is also of varying nature based on its durability and severity. It may happen for long-term or short-term duration and can be the cause of something happening rarely or frequently. 

It would be inappropriate to term every type of stress as a harmful one because many times stress can help us find effective ways to deal with dangerous and challenging situations. In usual scenarios, once the challenging task is done, the stress disappears. 

But the concerning situations arise when the stress does not go away in a short duration and lasts quite long. This makes the stress bearer very vulnerable and causes harm to his/her health. Additionally, one can also encounter loss of appetite and bloating problems due to stress. 

What’s the link between anxiety, depression, and stress? 

Anxiety, depression, and stress, all three can appear the same from superficial evaluation. They all share some similar key signs such as irritability, fear, worry, and sadness. But, a proper diagnosis is mandatory for receiving the most appropriate treatment for each of the specific types of psychological problems. 

One important thing common among all three of them is that they can be improved with medical help and consultation with mental health experts or professionals. There can be some overlapping symptoms among all three; we have listed down some of them: 

Symptoms of Anxiety: 

  • A rapid increase in heart rate 
  • Insomnia 
  • Restlessness and tension 
  • Feeling threatened or in danger 
  • Obsessive and compulsive thoughts 
  • Increased breathing rate or hyperventilation 
  • Weak digestion and other digestive issues 
  • Difficulty concentrating

Symptoms of Depression: 

  • Low energy levels 
  • Memory problems; such as Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia 
  • Irregular eating habits 
  • Feeling restless, irritated, agitated 
  • High emotions of anger 
  • Short-tempered attitude 
  • Suicidal thoughts     
  • Continuous fatigue 
  • Feeling hopeless, anguished, or sad 
  • Loss of libido or sex drive 
  • Ongoing feeling of helplessness, and guilt 

Symptoms of Stress: 

  • Irritability 
  • Feeling dazed and overwhelmed 
  • Memory problems; such as Difficulty concentrating 
  • Irregular eating habits 
  • Insomnia 

The signs of depression and stress may appear the same to a certain degree, but a thin line that segregates them is the intensity of state and the duration for which they last. The depressive state of a person is more prone to have a long-lasting and severe impact on mental health. Being in a stressful situation is not usually a concerning issue. However, when this condition lasts for more than two weeks, one must seek immediate medical help for eliminating the chances of being stuck in depression. 

Effective measures to reduce anxiety, depression, stress 

Making some simple lifestyle changes can tremendously help in recovering from various psychological problems. Here are some highly effective tips to bear in mind: 

Reduce stress stimulators 

Sometimes it’s quite evident to categorize the tasks that stimulate your stress levels. It can range from a particular project to handling multiple tasks at a time or anything that’s challenging enough to make you traumatized. Try to find ways to relieve some tasks or have a break from stressful timelines to regain efficiency and a calm mindset. 

Keep health as the utmost priority 

Health is the prime factor to make you relish every moment to the fullest and therefore it should be taken care of with utmost priority. Taking adequate amount and quality of sleep, adopting healthy eating habits, inculcating exercising habits in daily life, and staying motivated can do wonders in your life. The more your body would feel energized, the more effectively and fastly you would be able to perform various tasks. 

Embrace some fun activities 

Rigorous work culture can also make you prone to certain psychological problems. Find some fun activities that align with your interests and you will see a huge difference in your productivity and quality of life. Talking a walk, outing with friends or some intriguing activities can be some of the relishing options for enjoyment. 

Get help at Vedi Herbals 

Vedi Herbals is a leading healthcare products manufacturer in India that has helped several people in attaining a blissful state of healthy body and mind. Manufacturing Ayurvedic and Cannabis medicines of the best quality have been our forte for the past two decades. The Cannabis oil of Vedi Herbals contains numerous health beneficial properties to alleviate several kinds of illnesses related to both physical and mental aspects. 

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