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Effective ways of Reducing Lactic Acid in Muscles!


Are you a few of those who exercise too much? Then you might also have experienced pain in your muscles due to cramps. This is due to the excess production of lactic acid due to exercising in the excess amount.

Lactic acid can be found in maximum food items that we consume on a daily basis. When we perform some rigorous activity like exercising, then the muscles need excess energy to sustain. Hence, lactic acid in more than the required amount gets released to our muscles. This results in various issues – muscle cramps and burning sensation being the most common. If left untreated, it can lead to various harmful and life-threatening conditions.

Few ways to reducing lactic acid present in an excess amount from muscles are:

1)    Start taking a magnesium-rich diet

Various studies have shown that magnesium plays a vital role in producing energy for our body. When it is present in the body in a healthier amount, then it is supplied to the muscles when you are exercising or performing some hard task. In this way, the amount of lactic acid goes down. Vegetables such as kidney beans, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin, legumes, turnip, etc. are rich in magnesium.

2)    Drink lots of water

This is one of the best ways to deal with excess lactic acids present in muscles. Doctors suggest that lactic acid is soluble in water. Therefore, you should keep your body hydrated. When your body is hydrated, you do not experience burns or cramps while working out. Drink at least ten glasses of water daily if you exercise regularly. If you are performing heavy exercises, then drink water every half an hour.

3)    Baking soda based drinks

Using baking soda in water is another excellent way to fight cramps caused due to lactic acid. It is an antacid that immediately cuts off the lactic acid present in the body. In this way, you can perform lots of activities for an extended period. In a glass of water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and drink it whenever required.

4)    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Food items such as berries, bananas, green leafy vegetables, lady finger, nuts, dry fruits, etc., play a crucial role in bringing down the amount of lactic acid present in our body. They contain antioxidants that provide energy to the muscles.  Although this tip may look simple, when you follow it religiously, you can yourself observe that you no longer see cramps while working out.

5)    Take hot water bath daily

After you are done with your exercise, soak yourself in a water tub filled with hot water for 20 minutes minimum. Add some amount of salt to the hot water to feel more relief. In this way, muscles get relieved and more stretched, stiffness goes away, and there is slight relief from the stress caused due to workout. Further, hot water improves the blood circulation and reduces the inflammation caused due to excessive exercise. Alternatively, you can also choose cold water bath depending on your choice.

Mentioned above are some of the best ways to reducing excessive lactic Acid from the muscles.


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