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Do You Want to Go Dairy Free?

Why go dairy-free?

There is no way of the same kind to achieve good health. Although the billions of food industries may require you to think differently. Dairy Free foods are all specially designed to handle different foods with different nutritional values and needs, and these work very well with different types of physical activity. Embracing this concept of bio-individuality is important in determining not only what foods work for our bodies. But also what foods do not work for us. Think of your last moments with milk, be it Great yogurt, ice cream, or milk in your coffee.

Did you experience:

• Congestion
• Laziness
• Fatigue
• Constipation
• Stomach pain

Do you regularly eat dairy products? If so, are may be suffering from:

• Chronic congestion
• Chronic gas and constipation
• Chronic fatigue and laziness
• Acne
• Brain fog

If you feel or experience any of the above, milk could be a reason! Cutting milk may seem difficult at first, but there are many milk substitutes available to make the process easier. Many people who drink milk soon experience side effects, and for some it may take longer, depending on how much the dairy products were consumed and how the body was affected by regular milk consumption. So now you try using dairy free products.

Benefits of going dairy free.

In the spirit of respect for human independence, there are many benefits to not having milk that will depend on a person!

Here are 9 benefits of going dairy free and removing milk from your diet:

1. Weight loss.

Getting rid of milk can help you lose weight as many dairy products we know and love contain high amounts of sugar and saturated fat (like: ice cream, cheese and spicy yogurt). Studies have shown that excessive sugar consumption can contribute to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity. While eating fat is an important part of maintaining good health, the type of fat is equally important and a high fat diet should be limited due to its contribution to the immune system. By eliminating dairy products from your diet, you may lose weight due to your lowering of sugar and saturated fats.

2. Reduce exposure to antibiotics and hormones.

Ordinary dairy products can contain a residual amount of antibiotics, which are used to keep the cows healthy, and hormones. Which are used to ensure that the cows are able to produce enough milk. Usually, antibiotics are used medically, which means that the cow is not very sick, but antibiotics are given as a preventative measure to ensure the health of the whole herd. Unfortunately, this can lead to drug-resistant germs, which can invade our food system.

RGBH, or repetitive milk production cow, is the most widely used hormone to increase milk production. Unfortunately, the use of rGBH can lead to increased use of antibiotics. Which has led to an increase in the residues found in dairy products. As a result of consumer complaints about the use of antibiotics and hormones. Many dairy farms in the United States have eliminated their use and named their products correctly, even without the need to do so.

3. Good clear skin.

Acne can have many causes, but some people find that their acne is removed without milk. As mentioned above, milk hormones can contribute to the increase in acne, especially in women who experience hormonal fluctuations throughout their cycle. Dairy products also contain sugar, which can contribute to the formation of acne. So if it does not improve with the removal of dairy products, you may want to try removing other food groups, which are made with finished protein foods.

4. Improve digestive issues.

Digestion or GI issues related to milk use are usually due to lactose intolerance, inability to digest lactose (cow’s milk sugar) due to a lack of the enzyme lactase in the intestinal tract. In fact, about 70% of the world’s population do not have lactase! When a lactose intolerant person eats lactose, his or her intestines cannot digest and digest them, leading to gas and constipation. When you eliminate dairy products from the diet, this is often one of the first visible effects.

5. Reduce inflammation.

Sensitivity or allergic reactions to milk can contribute to gastrointestinal upset. Milk allergies occur when the body attacks the casein, the protein found in dairy products, the immune response, inflammation aka. In a person with lactose intolerance, however, there is no conclusive evidence that inflammation occurs when they eat lactose, even if the person does not feel well. All in all, keeping your gut healthy to reduce chronic inflammation is important, and getting rid of milk can be one step in improving the health of your gut.

For people who are not interested in dairy products, milk can actually counteract inflammation, especially when eating rich milk, such as kefir and yogurt, which is high in probiotic to keep the gut microbiome healthy.

6. Improve bone health.

There is no doubt that calcium is essential for the health of our bones. But it is not necessary to get calcium from milk sources. The amount of calcium we need to prevent osteoporosis, a disease in which the bones become weak and cracked, however, is well worth the argument. Studies have shown that increased calcium intake, whether from dairy or nondairy sources, in addition to these recommendations is not associated with increased protection against bone and subsequent fractures. More research is needed to determine how much calcium protects, but there is ample evidence that in addition to calcium. There are other things that contribute to healthy bones, such as adequate intake of vitamins D and K and regular physical activity (especially, exercise).

7. Minimize environmental impact.

Milk production has a major impact on air pollution and climate change. Not only do they need more natural resources to keep cattle, but methane released from the cow’s digestive system produces more greenhouse gases. In addition, manure extracted from cattle products releases nitrous oxide, “298 times more intense pollution than carbon dioxide.”If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you have a choice when it comes to your diet! Take a look at these ten most common foods that emit greenhouse gases.

8. Balance hormone.

Dairy products naturally contain hormones, such as estrogen, but there may be small amounts of hormones found in dairy products that our bodies can absorb. There are some studies linking the presence of the growth hormone IGF-1 (an insulin-like growth hormone insulin 1) in dairy products at increased risk of cancer, but “mixing is not a problem,” meaning that eating dairy products containing IGF-1 will not cause cancer. However, if you eat a lot of dairy ingredients a day, especially dairy products that contain a lot of sugar. Your blood sugar can be affected. Insulin, a hormone that controls your blood sugar, is at risk of fluctuations that can eventually lead to insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

9. Improve brain fog symptoms

Research has not shown a link between eating milk and the effects of mental activity, such as brain fog, anxiety and depression. But when you are sensitive to milk, your body produces an inflammatory response that can be manifested in a variety of ways, both physical and emotional. And because we are all living beings, it is important to remember that while you may experience. A certain physical or emotional illness after eating certain foods, they may not happen to others.

Conclusion: The benefits of a dairy-free lifestyle are enormous. In addition to losing weight and cleansing your skin, you may be helping the environment and preserving animals. We believe it could be your trip, if you wish to take it. If you can handle milk in your stomach and choose to keep it in your diet, go for raw, organic products. This is healthy for you and the environment. We always recommend checking the ingredients. Many yogurts, in particular, add sugar. Whatever decision you make, we hope you always choose to eat new ingredients and keep yourself healthy. I hope you have learned a lot about milk and are now equipped to choose for yourself and your diet.

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