6 Ways To Increase Blood Circulation In Scalp For Longer Hairs.

Hair oils, masks, shampoos, conditioners, Do you consider them as weapons to change your hair? These are some of the least effective solutions to promote hair growth, Blood circulation in the scalp is a much-needed solution for this.

Does Blood Circulation Affect Skin and Hair?

Your hair goals can only be achieved if you keep your head healthy. Blood circulation ensures that your scalp receives all the essential nutrients and oxygen for your health.

Lower blood flow helps the anagen hair section, making them hair grow longer. Increased blood flow is also associated with hair loss.

How Can You Increase the Circulation of Blood to the Head and Hair?

1. Massage your scalp

You can think of olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil or castor massage oil. All of these oils, along with phytoconstituents, promote healthy hair growth.

2. Inversion Method

The Inversion method may seem like rocket science at first, but it is very simple. Let us explain. Lie on your bed with your upper body facing the side of your bed. Slowly lower your upper body until you feel the blood rush through your hair.

You can also check out the sirsasana or head position in yoga conversion. No matter what process you think of, don’t stay there long because you don’t want to feel dizzy after that.

Note: If you are just starting out, practice under the guidance of a yoga instructor. This method is not recommended for pregnant women.

3. Clean Your Skin

The formation of scalp can sometimes block the flow of blood under the skin. It is important to have clean local skin so that the blood can flow normally.

Wash your hair every 1-2 days if you have oily scalp and every 3-4 days if you have dry skin. Use a cleansing shampoo once a month to remove dead skin cells, impurities, excess oil and product formation on the scalp.

4. Brush Your Hair

Hairbrush brushes are known to stimulate capillaries and increase blood flow to the scalp. Make sure you cut your hair with a wide toothbrush before you start brushing your hair.

Some people believe that 100 lashes a day can lead to hair growth. This is a myth. Avoid brushing excessive and hard hair as it can cause damage to the hair cuticle and lead to hair breakage.

5. Essential oils

Essential oils such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, cedarwood and peppermint are believed to aid in blood circulation to the scalp. In addition, these oils also prevent the slightest infection in the scalp.

Dilute a few drops of essential oil in the treatment oil such as olive oil. Apply on head and hair and wash off after 30 minutes. Make sure you buy essential oils for safe products that use high quality ingredients.

6. Hair Growth Incentives

Hair growth stimulants are powerful serums containing ingredients from recent research and supported by ancient science. They strengthen the hair follicles and promote healthy scalp. They contain essential oils that promote blood circulation to the scalp.

Conclusion: Your scalp nourishes nutrients and oxygen while the blood helps to transport it. Massage, essential oil, cold showers and all of the above methods help increase blood flow to your scalp. While doing this, find and adhere to a healthy hair care routine, which contains the basics such as bathing, conditioning, and protecting your hair from the heat.

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