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10 Amazing Benefits of Neem!


Neem is one of those few miraculous herbs that has many health as well as skin benefits. Whether it’s neem water, neem ointment, or the fruit of the small neem that you call “Nibauri” in Hindi – this Mahogany family tree has uncountable benefits.

Here are 10 amazing benefits of neem are there below.

1) Fights Zits

A mostly referred skin issue, neems paste can easily cure zits. All you need to do is to prepare the neems leaf paste and apply it to the affected area directly. Wash it as soon as it dries. If you suffer from itching or rashes, use it with fuller’s earth or sandalwood powder.

2) Cures Leprosy

Neem leaves come with embedded non-mutagenic properties. Thus physicians apply it as a powder or soothing gel to a leprosy patient’s wounds. This remedy doesn’t affect the patient’s DNA thus resulting in immediate recovery.

3) Acts as a Blood Purifier

Neam is a natural detox. It helps to maintain the blood flow and purifies the skin, thus directly contributing to blackhead, pigmentation or acne removals. Include neem in your diet to put a full stop to these skin issues. Overall it is a good remedy to detox our body from various impurities.

4) Preserves oral Hygiene

A lot of doctors recommend neem oil to their patients. The only reason is- it stops any dental problem to affect other mouthparts. Whether its tooth decay or plaque- eat neem leaves to soothe the pain. A lot of people use neems shrubs while brushing their teeth – this alone is enough to keep the teeth healthy.

5) Eye Issues

When you find that your eyes are reddish, puffed-up or itching, boil some neem leaves first. When it cools, use this water to wash your eyes and see the difference. Lots of herbal medicines of eyes contain extracts of neems.

6) Ear Issues

At times, the ear starts paining due to different causes. Ear boils are one of the most common ailments seen these days. To eradicate these, mix boiled neem water with honey and put in the ear two-three drops daily. You will see that your ear issues are gone within two to three days of use.

7) Internal Diseases

Doctors prescribe neems flowers in their powdered forms to those patients who suffer from belching, stomach worms, intestinal worms, ulcers, etc.

8) Hair Issues

Neem oil, boiled neems water or its extracts are used to prevent hair loss, baldness & to get thicker hair. Experts recommend to wash the hair with shampoo first and then cleanse them with boiled neem water.

9) Food Items

You will find it quite funny, but yes mostly South Indian people use neems leaves, fruit, and the flowers to make tangy species, pickles, flower rice, lentils rasam. They sprinkle neem powder on various food items while eating. People boil its leaves and drink that water to cure various ailments.

10) Malaria Issues

When people malaria, doctors use neems extracts to treat them. It soothes down the pain and maintains the body temperature. Dry neem leaves act as an excellent mosquito repellent. Collect some neem leaves and burn it a bit. The neems smoke is instrumental in keeping mosquitoes away.

Once you start using neems in your daily life, you will see various, amazing benefits of neem, positive and healthy changes. They are key to long-term good health.

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