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How to Take Care of the Skin in Winters!


The Winter season is the time of the year, we all feel fresh and chilled out. This is the time we can dress the way we want. However, this is also the time when our skin needs lots of attention or take care of since it starts going dull, dry, and itchy. All this happens due to a lack of moisture. Although numerous cold creams, lotions, etc. help to keep the skin soft and moisturized for a certain time period. For long-term effects, it is advisable that you use certain home-based remedies.

A few of a take care of the skin in winters are below:

1)    Buttermilk Face Massage

Take a cup of buttermilk in a small bowl and start massaging your facial skin and other revealing areas in a circular motion. Massage thoroughly for at least ten minutes. Then take a bath with lukewarm water. Use this remedy every alternate day for better results. Buttermilk comes with lactic acid that helps to remove the dry skin cells and makes the skin smoother. It also acts a good sunscreen lotion.

2)    Almond face pack

Take a tablespoon of almond powder and add milk to it in equal amounts. Apply it to your face and wash it thoroughly after 15 minutes. Almond contains Vitamin E that softens the skin and maintains its moisture. Milk acts as a great exfoliator and clears it of all skin impurities. Use this face pack thrice a week to reduce dryness.

3)    Glycerine

Take some amount of glycerine in your hand and using a cotton ball, apply it in an even manner all over your face. Wash it off after half an hour. You can use this product daily. Glycerine is the best option to solve dry skin problems. It hydrates the skin, thus making it soft. It also has various healing properties.

4)    Coconut oil massage

Heat some amount of coconut oil. Then apply it smoothly on your face and other areas. You don’t need to wash it out since oil easily gets absorbed in the skin during winters. Coconut oil plays a significant role in maintaining the skin’s moisture which happens to be dry otherwise.

5)    Lemon and Honey face mask

Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it well with the honey of equal amounts. Using a cotton ball, apply this mixture on your face and wash it after 10 minutes. Lemon contains citric acid and is a good exfoliator that clears the skin from all the impurities. Honey nourishes the skin and makes it appear brighter. If you suffer from itchy skin during winters, then this mask may be a good option for you.

6)    Petroleum jelly massage

Take some amount of petroleum jelly on your palm and massage your face, neck, shoulder, feet and other visible areas. So do not wash it off since it will get absorbed within the skin. It is the easiest way to get moisturizing skin. It also prevents chapped lips and heals the feet if they get cracked.

These are some of the simple home-based remedies to take care of the skin during winters. A part from this, you should drink lots of water, apply sunscreen lotion and eat well to keep your skin healthy.

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