Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Trucker caps

No other hat style in this fashion has received both love and disdain as the trucker has been in and out of fashion since the ’80s. But in terms of style and function, all the right boxes are ticked by trucker mesh, because why not? These mesh-netted baseball caps offer great breathability, flexibility, and an instant look outdoors.

Let us get to know about trucker caps in detail before you plan to buy one.

What Are Trucker caps?

A ball cap with a foam top, plastic mesh lining, and snapback closure is what a trucker cap has. The mesh backing is built for breathability (to air out sweaty heads) as the caps were often intended. As gifts and usually worn by mechanics, truckers, farmers, plumbers, loggers, tractor pull spectators, etc. of man-on-the-move or working men.

Why Are These Hats Called Trucker caps?

Rural businesses usually gave them away in the early ’60s as promotional items to truckers, farmers, and the like. They received the name ‘trucker caps’ later on. These adapted baseball caps, too, were cheaper for mass production. Their tall, rigid foam fronts are purposely designed to display logos. Usually, the caps are made of one size that fits all.

What Made Them So Popular?

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, trucker caps were made famous by the blue-collar workers who wore them every day. This hat design produces an immediate outdoor look in the rural working-class community as typified by the ‘hard-working American. Trucker caps became a pop culture thing in the early 2000s when Hollywood celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Timberlake started dressing them up on national television. Then rich white urban kids caught up with the phenomenon as the trucker has made appearances on the fashion runways.

How To Make Your Trucker cap Fit Properly?

Trucker caps come in a normal size and fits on everyone. Although the snapback closure of these caps allows for about 1.5 in adjustability, if you are looking to fit hat sizes with head circumferences falling below or above 22-23.5 inches you might need to order custom-made hats.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Better Fit Your New Trucking Hat:

  • Break-in your new trucker ‘s hat by wearing it as often as possible to make it match your head shape.
  • Wet the hat with warm water then quickly fit it around a circular object around the same size as your head and air dry it away from direct sunlight so that the colors don’t fade.
  • Go for an unstructured truck hat, as it suits more comfortably on anybody.

Hat Care Tips For Trucker caps

When not in use, it is best to hang your hats away from dust, dirt, and moisture in covered storage or somewhere safe. Your hats get better air circulation (in and out) by hanging them and thus keep molds and any unpleasant smell from building up within the linings.

  • If you want to store them lined upright, provide ample space between the hats. To keep them well ventilated and in shape. Molds quickly build up in a dim, moist setting such as underlining your hats so it’s best to create some space to help circulate air.
  • Spot-clean a dirtied cap as soon as possible to avoid any stain/dirt from penetration and drying up through the cloth.
  • Dry dirt/stain can be too stubborn, and it can take too much time and energy to clean it up (and ruin the fabric of your hat in the process).
  • Hand wash your trucker caps as much as possible to prevent getting deposits of sweat and dirt from caking into the bands and inner linings. It will also allow you to target the areas on your caps better with the lingering smell (especially the sweatbands). Washing and drying machines can damage the seams and stitches on your hats.
  • To wash your hats using a toothbrush and a mild detergent cleaner. In cool running water, keep each hat by the brim and wash. Don’t submerge your hats in the sudden cold.

Wrap Up

This was a quick guide to offer you ample knowledge about trucker caps. If you have made up your mind then you can have a look at the collection and buy one that fits your style.

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