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Benefits of Bilwadi Churna in Ayurveda

People who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colitis, diarrhea, or dysentery may benefit from taking Bilwadi Churna, an Ayurvedic drug. Eating something helps your body produce more digestive enzymes because of its digestive stimulant and astringent properties. It is said that Bilwadi Churna’s Hing, coriander, and south (Dry ginger powder) can help your metabolism and help your body get the nutrients it needs. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be treated with correct Ayurvedic medicine. People who have loose stools will be pleased with it.

Bilwadi Churna has astringent qualities that are one of its most critical Ayurvedic qualities. So people who have three doshas should try this cure to help them feel better.

Among Bilwadi Churna’s main benefits are:

They all come from plants, so Bilwadi Churna is plant-based food. Also, it has antispasmodic, carminative, and astringent properties that help the digestive system work better. So in terms of digestive health, it’s a great thing to have around. Some of the best things about Bilwadi Churna are the following:

  1. Diarrhea can be treated with this product.

It is said that Ayurveda says that you should eat foods that are good for your body. Many people turn to Bilwadi Churna when they have Chronic Diarrhea to help them get rid of it. This is because of its astringent properties, making it less likely to have Diarrhea by soaking up liquids from inside your body.

2. Treats Diarrhea

Aegle Marmelos seed is used in Bilwadi Churna, which is a dish. This product has lending, which is good for your body. Shigella bacteria can be killed by lectin, a type of food. Because of this, it is an excellent treatment for Shigella dysenteriae Infection (Bacillary Dysentery).

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

IBS sufferers can benefit greatly from the use of Bilwadi Churna. Bilwadi Churna can help people with IBS have less abdominal pain. People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome can feel better when they take this medicine (IBS). Panchamrit Parpati is often prescribed with it. If you have Diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps, gas, or bloating that you can’t stop, eat Bilwadi Churna. Pain will soon be over.

4. Colitis

Inflammation in the colon caused this. If you have colitis, you’ll feel pain and discomfort in your abdomen. This pain and discomfort can be small and frequent, or it can be severe and sudden. This dish can be used in any situation. It’s called Bilwadi Churna.

5. Beneficial to the Health of the Gut

People who follow Ayurveda think that a healthy digestive system is the root of all activity and that people who have a healthy digestive system are more likely to do things. In the bilwadi churna, there are seven things. This includes Bilva fruit and Ginger and Saunf, but Cannabis Sativa is the most important of them all. Each ingredient helps to keep your digestive system healthy.

6. Destroy Microorganisms That Cause Disease.

Antibacterial properties are found in Bilwadi Churna. In addition, ayurvedic supplements have been shown to help people get rid of harmful bacteria from their digestive tracts if they use them for a long time.

7. Enhances food cravings

There are Ayurvedic rules that help make Bilwadi Churna. As a result, it is thought to be a safe and effective way to treat gastrointestinal problems like flatulence and indigestion. So, it makes people more hungry.

8. Treats problems with the digestive system

With its carminative properties, Bilwadi Churna helps people with gas issues.

9. Strike a proper dosha balance.

As an astringent, it helps the body get rid of waste. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas can be better balanced if you use the Churna every day.

Bilwadi Churna can be used to treat Diarrhea and dysentery. You can use their herbal properties to get harmful germs out of your digestive tract, help with digestion, and make more digestive enzymes so that you can digest more food. As soon as you take Bilwadi Churna, you’ll feel less pain and discomfort in your stomach because it has a cooling effect. Bilwadi Churna also has other herbs that help with digestion, like bel. Many stomach problems can be supported by bilwadi churna, which is suitable for many.

Bilwadi Churnas vary based on the patient’s age, health, and weight so that the doses will be different. If you want to take Churna, you should do so in the following amounts:

  • Under the age of 5, the daily dose is 25 mg, with a maximum of 500 mg a day.
  • Between the ages of five and ten, children should get between 500 grams and 750 grams of the food.
  • Children ages ten and up should take 750-1500mg.
  • Adults should take 1-3 gms of it each day.

Use of bilwadi churna for medicine 

Among Bilwadi Churna’s essential qualities are those that make the stomach move, those that make it easier to digest, and those that make it less likely to get bloated. Improves digestion, bowel movement, and liver function by taking it. Bilwadi Churna has a lot of health benefits and could be used in traditional Indian medicine.


It can help people with acute Diarrhea and people with chronic Diarrhea. If you have long-term Diarrhea, this is a great thing to do. As an astringent, it draws liquid from the digestive tract and holds it there to be absorbed by the body. As a result, there is less Diarrhea.

An herbal mixture of Ras Parpati and Kutajghan Vati can help with Diarrhea.


There are Aegle Marmelos seeds in this dish, as the name suggests. An enzyme called lectin can be found in the pulp and seeds of Aegle Marmelos fruit, as well as the bark. Shigella bacteria can be killed by lectin, a type of food. Because of this, Shigella dysenteriae is now a thing. It can be used to treat infections (Bacillary Dysentery). (2) (2)

In addition, other substances have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent effects, all of which help to lessen the severity of the symptoms that people have. Also, the antispasmodic properties of these substances help to ease stomach pain and cramping.

The ayurvedic remedy Bilwadi Churna is great for dysentery, and it’s also straightforward to make!

If you want the best results from dysentery, Bilwadi Churna is used with Haritaki Churna, which is made from cow’s ghee, Isabgol, or Saunf Ark. (Fennel Distillate).

To treat the symptoms of the condition known as IBS, you can use Bilwadi Churn (IBS). However, those who use it don’t have the following symptoms.

  1. Loose stools or Diarrhea that happens a lot is awful and lasts a long time.
  2. There are cramps or pains in the abdomen.
  3. Getting bloated or gassy.
  4. Pain in the abdomen
  5. feces that aren’t hard or wet


Bilwadi Churna, on the other hand, may not work in all cases of IBS. Toxic mucus in the feces that is hard to get rid of can worsen IBS. So these drugs are used with it:

If they have hyperacidity or heartburn, Vata Dosha people should take Panchamrit Parpati or Dashmoolarishta. But, of course, they should also take both.

Sutshekhar Ras or Praval Panchamrit and Lodhrasava can be used for Pitta Dosha. Buddha Vati can be used if the patient has eczema, so use that instead of Dugdha Vati.


People who have colitis can be caused by many things (inflammation of the colon). This dish can be used in any situation. It’s called Bilwadi Churna. It works best when used with Vanshlochan, Praval Pishthi, Muktha Pishthi, Swarna Parpati, and Swarna Bhupathi Ras or Hemagarbha Pottali Ras.


The Ayurvedic texts that tell us about Bilwadi Churna are the only place we know about it. Therefore, the best thing to do before taking Bilwadi Churna for various health problems is to see an Ayurvedic doctor.

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