Be Different and show Independence with Fashion

Independence is the state of being free. it’s about being yourself and your individualistic spirit should reflect through the way you select to groom and wear not only on a single day but also on all other days of the year.

Clothes represent freedom. Freedom to decide on how we represent ourselves, freedom to blur the lines between a person and a girl, poor and rich, young and old. Clothes have always been used as a tool to dazzle, impress, shock and even awe. So, if anybody turns back and provides you a glance, ensure you create that glare worthwhile. That’s what independence with fashion, means wear your heart on your sleeves. Independence isn’t a genre, it’s not an act; it’s a sense and the simplest way of being faithful to oneself.

The dressing is an imaginative and artistic pursuit Mix and match of fabrics, innovative layering, revival art and not following any rule is that the new mantra for independent sort of dressing. Fashion indeed has always been an absurd mixture of ideas and influence. Fashions designers and influencers guide us through the varied kinds of fashion dressing.

Fashion is that the purest sort of self-expression. The individualistic type of dressing isn’t about playing safe, rather it’s about taking the plunge. It will be through clothing, art, dance or anything that liberates and makes us be happy. Fashion on behalf of cloth is freedom. People express themselves through the type of garments they wear.”

Independence is about not following any rules regarding what should be worn; all that one should follow is their own creativity of dressing which evokes a heightened sense of individuality. this might perhaps mean you’ll be able to pair your regular linen sari with a full-sleeved shirt or a crop top rather than a conventional tops or tee. Independence also means wearing what the mind wants.

Conclusion: Being Independence not only makes you free to wear what you want, but also gives you a unique fashion statement that makes you look unique and diffrent from others.

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