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What Are The 5 Best Spring Exercise

Understanding how your body responds to exercise is similar to how you feel. When you press a gas pedal on your car and then get up to 55 mph in a heartbeat. Spring is here and it’s time to exercise by making sure the body is ready for good exercise that brings results.

Here are 5 spring exercises you should do to keep your body moving and losing weight:

Step-Ups: Use a step or platform 4-6 inches high. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and jump into the step or platform at least 15 feet. Repeat after circling the platform in a complete circle.

Squats: Stand with your feet separated by hip-width and place your arms next to you. Pretend there is a seat behind you and almost always keep your arms out in front and keep your back relaxed and your abdominal muscles tense.

Push-ups: Start with your knees or feet and place your hands shoulder-width apart next to a step or platform. Breathe in as you lower your body to the stairs and exhale as you lift yourself up. Repeat 15 repetitions.

Tricep Dips: Stay away from the step and put your hands behind your back on the step. Raise and lower your body using your tricep muscles to do the work and keep your elbows in line with your wrists. Repeat 12 times.

Lunges: Stand with one foot on the stable and place the other foot on your back so that your front knee is above your heel. Lower your body and keep your shoulders aligned with your hips at least 12 times on each leg. Repeat on the other leg.

Conclusion: The key to getting results in this fast-paced workout is doing it all the way back without a break. It will slow down your metabolism, burn fat and help you keep burning calories or hours after your workout or spring exercise. Plan to do this activity at least twice a week. Some days, walk, take a yoga class or chase your dog out in the yard. Light exercise is a great way to incorporate some form of daily exercise.

Support your body with nutritious food after your workout by getting high-quality protein in a protein smoothie, organic berries and cold water or maybe a green salad mixed with chicken or fish. It is important to avoid low blood sugar levels, especially after strenuous exercise so plan a healthy diet post training.

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