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10 Reasons Why Nature Is Really Important In Our Life

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, it can often be difficult to find a balance. For most people, work is their top priority and even if they are given the opportunity for a break, many use this time to check email or take care of other tasks. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we often forget that there is more than just what we can see on our computer screens and smartphones. This is where Mindset Pillow comes into play. One of the first Kickstarter projects we’ve ever backed, it’s a cool way to remind you to take a little time away from your busy schedule and enjoy something else. The pillowcase is embedded with a microchip that communicates with Bluetooth and displays various messages on its electrodes each time that it senses that you’re falling asleep. At the same time, Mindset Pillow also monitors noise levels so that when there is none (such as when you fall asleep), a safe level of light gets tricky. When placed across the bed, this pillow allows your smartphone to display useful information such as news snippets, weather reports and even incoming text messages. It aims to bring back simplicity into our lives at a time when we all need it – at least an hour or so before sleeping

How Nature can increase creativity

Nature can increase creativity in many ways. Seeing a beautiful flower, for example, is a simple and short experience that can be unexpectedly rejuvenating. Spending time in nature has shown to improve creative problem solving. Scientist from the University of Michigan found that walking in the woods increases brain power by freeing up mind space to nourish creativity. Also, concrete and abstract ideas can support creativity if and only if logic is used generously.

Viewing art in nature. Art inspires creativity the same way nature does, by filling your mind with suggestions and mentally allowing for new thought patterns to emerge. In Minneapolis at the Weisman Art Museum’s Sculpture Garden overlook you are surrounded by green grass that opens up into a grand view of the Minneapolis skyline as well as Lake Calhoun on Lake of the Isles. The museum might have been founded by a prominent member of the arts community, but it is not staid and stuffy in appearance. It has a youthful waif to it that is appealing to all ages.Behind the museum lies a lawn dotted by sculptures, many of which will catch your eye and make you stop to stare at them with or without an artistic eye. This happened to me the moment I walked my bike onto this green smooth flat spot where passersby are overwhelmingly upper-middle-class citizens dropping their children off at day care, going to work at large businesses located in the area such as Monsanto, a railroad company or other companies that have large warehouse-type facilities nearby.Artspace, however, is not your average park; it lies under the gaze of some important eyes with an insurance payout worth collecting if you are injured on the premises. The site has security cameras monitoring all approaches to the site and some interior camera coverage in case an unscrupulous person steps inside its walls and starts destroying artwork.

Provide mental stability

Our natural environment brings a calmness, and helps the body to clear itself from any tension. Spending time outdoors can help anyone find mental stability. Spending time in nature also provides us with perspective as we see beauty that is all around us. Increase Immune System. Paradoxically, spending time in nature results in both a decrease and an increase to the immune system depending on the types of activities––no decision has yet been agreed upon as to why this inconsistency occurs. Humans do know that going outside provides the body with a variety of good things such as vitamin D, which is excellent for the immune system. In addition, humans are known to release oxytocin after engaging in physical activity.

How nature can lower stress

There is a vast amount of research on how the color and smells from nature can lower stress. Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, which are associated with stress. Researchers have found that exposure to natural environment results in calming effects that cause decreases in sympathetic nervous system activity, as well as reduced levels of circulating adrenaline and noradrenaline. There are many other benefits that come with spending time outdoors, including improved self-esteem, mood, comprehension of language, and memory. Increasing oxytocin. This hormone, often called the “female hormone” causes physiological changes that increases feelings of love and protection. Generally thought to be a female hormone, it can also been shown in males to positively impact behaviors such as trust, empathy and generosity. One particularly interesting fact is that breastfeeding appears to boost levels of oxytocin. Perhaps this helps explain why some people enjoy breast feeding their baby or holding onto the baby during feeding time so much!

Improving leg movement.

This can happen from holding baby on her side, with you supporting the pelvis. Effective leg movements will feel muscular/tense (never jerky) and coordinated. Additional benefits: It provides a great opportunity to connect with your child. You are relying on one another for physical care needs and can calmly work together in a very relaxed way because you are each feeling so deep calm and contentment. In this position, children tend to spend less time crying and for many playtimes will make

Increase physical activity

The best way to get exercise is simply being outside and people who live in dense urban areas are often short on space for vigorous physical activity. There’s something about the outdoors that has a marked effect on our mental health and ability to focus. Getting outside makes us happier and more relaxed, so we might as well do it.

Improve sleep quality

Cuddling with a pet can help people be more relaxed and have better sleep quality. Nature therapy, such as gardening or coastal walking, can also provide an opportunity for relaxation. Get outside in nature to feel at peace and in tune with everything around you .

Remember that we’re assailed by myriad negative influences everyday. The goal is to improve the quality of your life and health, not to heap guilt upon yourself or treat it like a character failing. Also, with all due consideration for your pet-loving friends and family members, don’t sweat it if you have a meltdown when you are made aware of their proclivities. Given the proliferation of material online funded by Purina, Don Julio Tequila and others,

Reduce depression and anxiety

One very important reason is that spending time in nature can reduce depression and anxiety. This has been proven by studies. A study in England revealed that 75% of participants considered their walks in the country on a Sunday as one of the best ways to induce feelings of relaxation and restoration. There are also several other reasons. For example, people who live near greenery tend to be happier than those who don’t have access to green space. Improve memory, intelligence and academic performance. Grandmothers always told us that children who play outside more often are smarter and have a better memory than those with low exposure to nature. And they’re right. Studies have shown that built-up urban areas can worsen the development of children and damage their cognitive abilities. These damaging effects can be significantly reduced by exposure to green outdoor spaces.

Strengthen muscles, bones and joints.

Fit individuals interact and move around more often in their physical environments than sedentary people. They also take stairs more often, increasing bone density and muscle tone.Improve your mood and increase relaxation. We all know that exercise can help you relieve stress and anxiety, but that’s not the only benefit of a physical activity outside. Exercising in nature is an exhilarating way to improve your mood, reduce depression and anxiety, sleep better, make you happier and feel recharged.


Without nature and everything in it, humanity wouldn’t be around.
As you can see from this blog, everything except for humans would have gone extinct. If we stopped being around, the other animals and plants would too because they depend on us. If our natural world were to disappear so quickly, it would be very hard for anything else to exist because all that’s left is just us.

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