Why Leather is Long Lasting?

Leather is one in every of the foremost versatile materials known. This is often thanks to the unique arrangement of complex natural fibres. That give the variations on the various kinds of hides and skins. Chemical and physical processes are tailored to relinquish specific properties and performance to the hides and skins as they’re being converted into leathr.

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Leather is a durable material, and this is the reason it has been used for thousands of years in the manufacture of clothing, furniture, backpacks, and much more. Now, of course, there are a number of types of leathers that are more durable than any other materials. It is valued not only because of its longevity but also quality. When buying a leather product, it is worth investing in quality. And often in a thing that can last a lifetime.

Before you buy your own leather articles, you will need to learn a little about few properties of leathers. These are the reason for its long lasting, so you’ll need to know. What you’ve got before investing away from your hard-earned cash.

Here we highlight a number of key leather properties thats the reason for its long lasting.


Leathers is often made to soak up water, resist water or be completely waterproof. Most leathers manufactured for the shoe, bag, upholstery and leather goods industries offer a degree of water resistance. That permits the leathers to urge wet yet, after drying, retain the properties of elasticity and shape. Many leathers for leather goods are treated to avoid marks from water spotting in light rain.

Waterproofing is made for specific applications, particularly for outdoor shoes and boots that provide walking several hours within the rain without getting wet feet. Most waterproof leathers are made of cattle hides.

Water Absorption & Desorption (release of absorbed moisture)

This is one in every of leather’s unique properties, allowing the leather to soak up the moisture and with time-release it into the environment. For shoes, this property creates outstanding comfort that’s not replicated by the other material. Perspiration is drawn from the foot into the leather so evaporates from the outer surface of the shoe. Leather can hold large quantities of moisture without feeling damp therefore the foot stays dry and cozy without the nippiness of fast evaporation or puddling of cooling perspiration. So your feet don’t sweat in natural leather shoes and boots the way they have a tendency to try and do when wearing synthetic and rubber footwear

Water Vapor Permeability

Often called ‘breathability’, this characteristic allows moisture and air to permeate through the leather. This property is especially important for shoes’ comfort. Because the foot sweats it can produce large amounts of moisture that move through the leather to the skin, keeping the within of the shoe drier and lighter, with a lower moisture level. Waterproof leathers that are engineered to take care of breathability while providing protection from wet conditions will provide an excellent combined performance.


Leather of right standard and quality , is durable. It has a good tolerance to scratches (which is somewhat the texture of leather itself) & age well. Durability is the value your looking for when investing. As they are durable and encounter lesser wear and tear they are much easier to maintain in comparison to others.


Another factor that creates leather such a long lasting material is thanks to its ability to be moulded into a brand new shape. It will be made to either stiffen or is made to be flexible and can retain its new shape pro re nata. This can be important in footwear, since both feet are rarely precisely the same size and shape. With a bit wear they soon adapt to suit perfectly.

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With these characterisctics,Natural Leather becomes one of the most versatile and long lasting material, If it is processed properly it also reduces carbon footprint and reduces waste.

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