According to the study, people who tend to drink lots of sugar-sweetened drinks. And soda are at more risk of chronic kidney disease than the ones who don’t. This was the study that was published in the CJASN that is Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Multiple studies have been carried out to understand. The effect to be accurate the negative effect of the sugar-sweetened drinks. As well as Sodano the Kidney of a person. All these studies, however, have resulted in one single button line that they are reasons for several chronic kidniey diseases.

Studies to Detect Causes of Chronic Kidney Diseases

The beverage choices of the people tend to decide the health of an individual’s Kidney. There is a range of the beverages that are available today to chose one from and that choice leads to a healthy lifestyle or not. Although a lot of studies have been carried out on kidney diseases and the causes of it, still. The researches have been unable to find what kinds of drinks can actually cause harm to ones’ kidniey.

One research, however, has concluded that the beverage pattern that consists of soda and sweetened fruit drinks tends to be more prone to kidney diseases (CKD) than the others.  Not only this, but the pattern also includes different types of waters that are consumed by the people.

Conclusion: Kidney Health

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