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How much does it cost to get a kidney transplant in India?

Are you aware that over 200,000 people in India have a kidney transplant each year? India ranks second in the world for acting kidney transplants at an affordable price. But the price also varies based on the type of transplant you undergo. 

You will get an experienced medical staff, well-equipped physicians, and qualified nursing personnel. And simple access to healthcare visas is just a few factors that distinguish India as a top health tourism destination. Connect with the medical professionals and specialists for the cheapest kidney transplant pricing in India and a healthy future. 

It is the best time for anyone looking for a kidney transplant in India, and also you will get the transplant at an affordable price. Here you will get a clear view of kidney transplants and the cost of transplants in India:

What is Kidney transplant?

Damaged kidney is replaced with a good kidney during the kidney transplant procedure. You may already be aware that the kidney might come from either a living or deceased donor. One can donate one kidney, whether it may be your family member or someone else who is a good match and a healthy person and this transplant is known as a live transplant. 

Even if the donors have one kidney in a healthy state, they can live a healthy life. For the person who has a kidney transplant, one kidney is normally given to a person. They may be possible to obtain two kidneys from a deceased donor in exceptional cases. The kidney transplant will be placed on the front side of the lower belly.

In-home post-transplant care

When you go home, make sure to protect and keep the surgery area clean and dry since it is crucial. You may feel like a bath in some situations. The cut should not be soaked in water until the skin has healed because this raises the risk of infection. The stitches in part will be removed during the next appointment visit in the stitching section. At that time, you can approach your healthcare provider because they will provide you with bathing instructions. Also, you should not drive until your doctor permits you. 

Other limitations on activities may be in place. Every day you should check your blood pressure and the weight of your body. If this happens, it means your kidneys aren’t filtering fluid effectively. If you feel any symptoms, you can convey the information to your doctor. Fever can indicate rejection or infection. The incision site may include redness, oedema, bleeding, or other discharge. Increased pain near the incision location can also indicate rejection or infection.

In Hospital post-transplant care

  • Special ward

Patients who had a kidney transplant are cared for in a separate ward from other patients. As an outcome, the number of visits is restricted. It is sometimes necessary for transplant patients to be nursed in this area since the drugs used to prevent rejection of the new kidney make them more susceptible to infection.

Flowers and food brought in from outside are not allowed in the transplant ICU because they may spread infection. On the first day, the patient is allowed to eat a liquid diet and exercise their lungs. On the 5th operative day, the Foleys catheter and drains are removed. On the seventh day, the patient is usually discharged. 

The stent implanted after surgery is released as an outside treatment on the 10th day using flexible cystoscopy. Around the same time, stitches are removed. If the patient has perm death, that will be removed as well.

  • Hospitalization

The length of time spent in the hospital is determined by how well the kidney functions and the presence of any problems. The usual stay for the donor is about five days, and for the recipient, it is about a week, however, and this can vary depending on issues.

Cost of  Kidney transplant in India

The cost of a kidney transplant in India is significantly lower than in other wealthy developed countries. The Kidney transplant surgery price in India begins ranges from $13000 to $23000 approximately, however, in the other country, the price might reach $80,000 approximately. To make matters worse, the cost of living is extremely expensive there.

The exact cost may only be determined after a thorough analysis, and it may vary depending on many factors, including: The case’s complication occurs when the patient has a medical illness condition. Illnesses may affect one’s immune system and cause diabetes. You can choose a hospital located in the city where you will be treated.

Additional factors which increase the cost:

  • Patient’s general well-being
  • Due to the prescribed medication 
  • Every session, there is a follow-up
  • Food, transportation, and lodging are all provided by the surgeon.
  • Medication, documentation, a blood test, a psychological evaluation, and a physical examination will all be included in the pre-surgery expense.

Why International patients choose India for kidney transplant surgery?

Have any idea why foreigners visit India for kidney transplantation? Most of India’s kidney transplant hospitals are well-equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. These clinics have highly skilled and experienced surgeons who deliver the finest treatment and healthcare to their patients. 

Also when it comes to India, kidney transplant surgery is lot cheaper than various other developed countries. Based on these benefits, most foreigners choose to have their kidneys transplanted in India.

Final Thoughts:

Based on a recent survey, around 98 per cent of persons who have a living-donor kidney transplant can expect to live for at least five years after the procedure. 90% of them have a 5-year life span. Around 94 per cent of persons who received a deceased-living kidney transplant had their liver for at least one year after surgery, and 82 per cent of them had their liver for at least five years. 

Because of these life span enhancements and affordable kidney transplants, most international patients visit India to get the kidney transplant treatment. The above-listed things you should know about kidney transplants and the cost. 


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