Craftmanship in Leather Backpacks Matter

Envivacor truly believes in craftmanship in leather backpacks. Craftsmanship is an art that incorporates a sense of ethical individuality and breaks the usual cycle of conventional fashion trends. With the same enthusiasm, Envivacor is committed to helping their cause by making a unique fashion statement.



Look where one piece of leather meets another piece. Are all of these edges securely and neatly folded and stitched or are they cut and painted and polished perfectly? A properly folded and stitched edge, as on all Envivacor handbags, will last long. A cut and painted edge will chip and fray, especially in high wear areas just like the straps, outside edges and therefore the base of the bag. Designers cut and paint edges to avoid wasting costs

Note: the designer of a rougher type of handbag may purposefully leave this perimeters unturned as a part of an unfinished or casual look.


Look carefully at a handbag’s stitching. A refined, top quality handbag will have smaller stitches and more stitches per inch. additionally, all stitching should be even – the spacing and therefore the linear pattern of the stitches should be the identical stitch-to-stitch.

To spot craftsmanship problems, explore for uneven stitching, unraveling stitches, and crooked stitching, all of which indicate an absence of quality craftsmanship.


By “piecing” It means unnecessarily creating a bag from many small pieces of leather. The greater the quantity of leather pieces on a handbag, the greater the amount of points of damage. Also, large, top quality pieces of leather are harder to get and even when available, they’re way more expensive than small pieces. this is oftenvery true in luxury leathers like those we use at Envivacor. So, piecing is often another sign of a designer cutting costs.

Note: sometimes piecing is a component of design – as an example, stripes of various leathers or a patchwork pattern on a bag. once more piecing is important is when the handbag is created from a leather that only comes in small pieces. this is often true when python and other snake leather is employed on a bigger handbag.


Points on a handbag that suffer heavy wear should be solidly reinforced. Tug at the straps. Pull them faraway from the bag. Does that cause the stitching to tug out or poor craftsmanship to show?

Other details of wear and tear are the handbag’s base, interior and corners. If the handbag is meant to face on its own, its base should have metal “feet” on the underside to shield it. Corners of a bag should be solid and smooth with no unnecessary protrusions which will wear and fray over time. additionally, for long run wear, the inside of a finely crafted bag should be constructed with durable material. Higher end handbag interiors are constructed of top quality leather for this reason.


High quality zippers are always metal and that they slide back and forth with ease. A zipper that’s tough to slip will break. A vinyl zipper also will break. And quickly.We insure this by using high quality YKK zipper.

Strap rings, swivels, and bag locks, the hinges, screws and snaps should be solid and securely crafted in order that when a bit swivels or moves, it does so smoothly. Also, seek for tarnishing. Hardware that’s not coated properly will tarnish over time. additionally, if you see scratches, check to determine if you’ll be able to see another material under the scratch – another color, which is a sign of poor quality plating.


The highest quality and most refined leather handbags are lined in top quality leather. top quality leather won’t rip and tear like fabric. Also, dust and a few mild dirt on a prime quality leather interior will be cleaned with a rather damp microfiber cloth (note: this method isn’t effective with suede, which needs a suede brush).

Conclusion: Craftmanship in Leather Backpacks.

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