One of our community outreach initiatives was to help the homeless here in Atlanta Georgia.  We designed and sold apparel with proceeds going back to our local homeless shelter. At Envivacor we understand the importance of community service and what it takes to be a leader within our own backyard. Our sense of purpose allows us to build unity with each property that we service. We created this online fitness training platform to eliminate people dependence on the gym or personal trainer related to fitness. Envivacor offers personalized online fitness training programs to help you lose fat, build muscle, and get the body you want. Our motive is to provide all types of fitness facilities in their home and complex. We organize health and fitness events to giving important information about healthy diet plans. So you can easily maintain body weight by following those healthy diet plans. Nowadays, a lot of people go to the gym and spend a lot of money on a trainer to maintain their fitness. We deliver personalized online fitness training programs for your residents to save your money and time. So if you want to take your fitness level at a higher level then visit on our website and join our residential fitness programs. If you would like community engagement events such as these, please feel free to contact us. 


We were a proud sponsor this communities fitness event.  It was the inaugural color run and it was a bunch of fun.  Can you imagine hundreds of residents running a 5K within the community as we pound them with color.  Who says fitness has to be boring!!!!  To have events such as this and more, please feel free to contact us.