List of Best Carbs for Weight Loss – The research has shown how more than 50 percent of people around the world are struggling to lose weight and indulge in healthy living. This is the reason why we are writing about some of the effective means of weight loss. If you are among the people who are working on a weight loss journey, this is the article that you should go through.

Below is the list of some healthy Best Carbs for Weight Loss.

The weight loss journey can be really challenging. For those who are working on their fitness must understand the role of a healthy diet. By a healthy diet, we mean a well-balanced diet that can help gain proper nutrition including carbs. While losing weight, it is often mistaken that one has to go on a no-carb diet, in fact, he or she must go on a properly balanced diet.

Below are some of the best carbs for weight loss that one should definitely include in their weight loss diet plan – 


Quinoa is one of the most popular of healthy carbs that one should include in their weight loss diet regime. As per the research, cooked Quinoa is 21.3% carbs. Not only this, but one serving of the Quinoa also is loaded with an adequate amount of fiber and protein.

2. Bananas

Second, on the list of best carbs for weight loss is Bananas. A Banana is made up of 23% of carbs that are either in the form of starches or sugar. Remember, Unripe green bananas are high in starches which tend to turn into natural sugar once, the banana ripens. Not only carbs, but they are a great source of potassium, vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Coming up next on the plate is sweet potatoes. As per the research, cooked sweet potatoes contain around 18-21% of carbs along with the provitamin A, vitamin C, and Potassium.

4. Beetroots

Beetroots are also counted among the great sources of healthy carbs. This is a purple root vegetable that is commonly known as beets. As per the research, raw and cooked beets contain around 8-10% carbs in the form of sugar along with the fiber. weight loss along with these nutrients, the beets are also rich in inorganic nitrates.

5. Oranges

If you are trying to lose weight, it is vital that you include a good amount of healthy carbs in your diet. Oranges are one of the most popular fruits that are rich in 11.8% carbs. Along with the carbs, oranges are also rich in fiber. Oranges are a potent source of vitamin C, B, and potassium.

Mentioned above are some of the best healthy carbs for weight loss that one should include in the weight loss diet plan. So, if you are looking for the best source of carbs while being on a weight loss journey, this is it.

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